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Eco Warriors

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Name Class

Prince Sharma Poudel and

Olivia Purse

Asia class

Lexi Dolan and Harry Kingston-Pack

Europe class

Louis Shemwell and Lucy Goodwin

Africa class

Ethan Harvey and

Isobel Cartwright

Earth class

Lucy Elia and Charlie Breavington

Australasia class

Alannah Wright and

Maxie Randle

Antarctica class


Can you 'upcycle'?

Can you 'upcycle'? 1

Eco News February 2017

Eco News February 2017 1

Eco News October 2016

Eco News October 2016 1
Eco News October 2016 2
Eco News October 2016 3

Eco News May 2016

Eco News May 2016 1

Tuck shop recycling

Tuck shop recycling 1

The Eco Warriors have been out and about on a 'Clean for the Queen' walk. (Cleaning up Britain ready for the Queen's birthday). They will be out and about each week with some friends of their choice. Our Eco-Code is - Everyone Caring for Our world