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Welcome from Sarah Evans, Chair of Governors....

Sarah Evans – Chair of Governors

My day job is as a Head of Service for Hertfordshire County Council: I run a department that gets equipment and living aids to people across Hertfordshire. Working for HCC means that I’ve an understanding of policies that schools within Hertfordshire work to, and have experience in a range of related fields such as health and safety, HR and safeguarding.

I’ve had three children attend Fawbert and Barnard: the youngest is just starting secondary school and I’ve been a Governor since before he attended the school. I stood for election to the Governing Body as a parent governor initially (although now I am a co-opted governor), and I did this because I really wanted to support and understand the school and get more involved. I’ve learned a lot around how schools operate and get to see teaching both in the classroom and at its planning stage and in return I act as a critical friend to the Head and Staff: someone who offers challenge in a supportive and constructive way (something all Governors are expected to do).

One of the things that the Governing body at F&B feels strongly about is the school’s ethos: we’re one of a small number of infant schools in Hertfordshire and that makes us different to mixed infants and juniors. F&B’s strength is its nursing ethos it has and we’re really keen to retain that. Governors have joined with staff to develop the School’s visions and aims in order to retain and developed that ethos we value so much.

Current Governors from 1st January 2018


Sarah Evans - Chair (Co-opted)

Robert Smith - Vice Chair / LA / Chair of Resource Committee

Chris Spinks - Co-opted / Resource Committee

Rosemary Shaw - Co-opted / Resource Committee

Mr James Gardner - Co-opted / Resource Committee

Lesley Hines - Co-opted

Lucy Strutt - Co-opted

Caroline Lewis - Parent Governor / Resources Committee

Simon Cartwright - Parent Governor

Esther Dekker - Parent Governor

Christopher Male - Parent Governor

Laura Price - Parent Governor

Joanne Brooker - Staff Governor



Governor Attendance to June 17

Link Governor Roles September 2017

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01/09/2017 to 31/08/2018


Date of


Term of office

Date stepped


Relevant business

& pecuniary interests





Sarah Evans 6/11/06 17/7/15- 16/7/19   spouse to Vice Chair Governor of Reedings Junior School Co-opted Body - 100%  
Robert Smith 6/11/12 6/11/12- 5/11/16  

Chair of Governors, Harlowbury Primary School, Old Harlow

Member of Executive Board of HEP (Harlow Educational Partnership)Member of Executive Board of HASG (Hertfordshire Association of School Governors)

Spouse to a Governor of Hockerill Anglo-European College


Body - 86%

Committee - 86%

Lesley Hines 20/10/10 17/7/15- 16/7/19   None Co-opted Body - 71%  
Chris Spinks 22/9/09 17/7/15- 16/7/19   None Co-opted

Body - 86%

Committee - 100%

Caroline Lewis 4/11/14 4/11/14- 3/11/18   None Parent Body - 100%  






Lucy Strutt        















Chris Male         Parent    
Laura Price         Parent    



      None Staff    
Eleanor Macy 21/3/11 21/3/11- 20/3/15   None Parent Body - 25%  
Kathryn Sutton 10/10/11 10/10/11- 9/10/15 6/10/14 None Parent

Body - 0%

Committee - 0%

Natalie Chalcraft 1/10/06 17/7/15- 16/7/19   spouse to Governor of Leventhorpe School Co-opted

Body - 71%

Committee - 86%

Lynne Barbone 14/2/07 17/7/15-16/7/19   None Co-opted

Body - 86%

Committee - 100%

Margaret Jones 19/3/14 17/7/15- 16/7/19   None Co-opted Body - 86%  
Helen Kirby 1/11/12 17/7/15- 16/7/19   None Co-opted Body - 100%  
Lucy Johnson 1/11/12 1/11/12- 31/10/16   None Parent

Body - 86%

Committee - 71%

Liz Ridler Morgan 21/1/14 21/1/14-20/1/18   None Co-opted Body - 86%  
Andrew Brighton 4/11/14 4/11/14- 3/11/18   None Parent Body - 100%  
Esther Potma 17/9/14 17/9/14- 16/9/18   None Staff Body - 86%