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Who's Who

Our Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher - Angela Euesden (Safeguarding Lead (DSP)

Deputy Head Teacher - Jo Brooker (Deputy DSP for Safeguarding)

Assistant Head Teacher (EYFS) - Laura Montague


Nursery Teacher - Jasmine Woodwright (North America/South America)

Nursery Nurse - Lynn Tyler (Integrated Montessori Cert)

EYFS Practitioner - Fiona Roberts


Reception Class Teacher (Asia) - Laura Montague (AHT)

Teaching Assistant - Hayley Hills


Reception Class Teacher (Europe) - Lara Miere (Integrated Montessori Cert)

Teaching Assistant - Susana Neto (Montessori Diploma)


EYFS Teaching Assistant across the phase - Louise Bailes (Montessori Diploma)


Year 1 Class Teacher (Earth) - Charlotte Brennan

Teaching Assistant - Amanda Edwards


Year 1 Class Teacher (Africa) - Rebecca Sculfor

Teaching Assistant - Gill Muncey


Year 2 Class Teacher (Antarctica) - Mrs Tina Claridge

Teaching Assistant - Cathy Walker (HLTA)


Year 2 Class Teacher (Australasia) - Emma Smith / Esther Potma

Senior Teaching Assistant - Dawn Gibson


Teaching Assistant across KS1 - Debbie Lockwood

SENCo - Caroline Skipper (contact


Other support staff.....

Julia Argent - School Business Officer

Helen Curtis - Admin Assistant

Debs Banham - Admin Assistant

Billy Hoy - Caretaker


Playleaders and MDA's...

Victoria Luck - Canteen Lead

Emma Harrington - Outside Lead

Shahira Khan - Play Leader

Gemma Andrew - Mid day assistant

Claire Gough - Mid day assistant

Donna Turner - casual support

Melissa Watson - casual support