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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 2017

We are Earth and Africa classes

The Enchanted Woodland

The Enchanted Woodland 1
We are going to explore our woodland.  We are going to find out who lives in the woodland, search for fairies (are they real??), match leaves to their trees; research about foxes, voles and badgers and build some dens.  At the end of our topic we will invite our parents in to share our learning.

look at our fairy garden. We found evidence that the fairy's were at work.....

We created our own woodland creatures and placed them in our forest area.

Moon Zoom

Moon Zoom 1
An Alien has crash landed in our playground!!  We must find out where he came from and what planets are out there in the solar system....

A crash in the playground, a look in the dome and an opportunity to fly our own rockets....

As part of our home learning project, we invited our parents to help us make some rockets...

Some of our work...

Some of our work... 1
Some of our work... 2
Some of our work... 3
Some of our work... 4
Some of our work... 5

Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City 1
The Mayor is coming to tea!  What shall we wear?  We are going to explore our local area as well as what happens in a big city like London.