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At Fawbert & Barnard Infants' School, we like to work closely with parents, guardians and the local community to ensure that each and every child is provided with everything they need to succeed in class. If you feel there are any issues we should be made aware of, or there is anything you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact the school office or speak directly to your class teacher in person or via the email addresses provided on the weekly class newsletters. 

In response to our parent survey in July 2016 we carried out the following.....



You said, we did

You said, we did 1
In response to the July 2015 parent survey...



Security on the main gate was an issue.

We relocated the main gate to outside the main office area and introduced a buzz entry system for visitors during the school day.

We installed 1.8m metre fencing around the carpark area and new lockable gates.

The website needed to be updated and improved.

The website was re-designed over the summer holiday and went live in the first week of the new term.  It is updated each week.

You were not aware of our marking policy and the codes we use.

Our SLT (Senior Leadership Team) hold VIP (very important pupil) meetings with your children to help them understand what they need to do to improve their learning.

We sent you the marking codes home with a letter explaining what they mean and put them on the website for you to refer to.

You were not always aware of the workshops we provide for children during the year.

We now include information about our workshops in your class weekly news.  We remind you about them on our marvellous me app.  We have created a ‘workshop news’ tab on the News page on our website.

You wanted more feedback about your children and their learning.

We have introduced 2buildaprofile online learning journals for the children in the EYFS so you receive regular email learning journals.

Introduced ‘marvellous me’ an app for your phones, ipads and android systems so that we can instantly send you a message/photo/badge during the day direct to your phone.

We put the teacher’s direct email on the bottom of our weekly news in case you need to contact them direct.

You wanted the newsletters numbered.

We clearly date them and put them on the website in date order.  They are removed each term so only the newest and relevant ones are there.

You asked for suggested resources online.

We added a suggestion to each class page on the website.



You asked about before and after school clubs.

We introduced ‘get up and go’ club once/twice a week for the nursery siblings who arrive earlier due to nursery timings.

We hold a range of clubs on a Tuesday from 3-4pm for all Year 2 children who choose to attend.

We will continue our discussions with local providers and our feeder junior school regarding wrap around care.  We can provide you with details of local providers/childminders that we are aware of.