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Campaign for a Cosy Canteen

Campaign for a Cosy Canteen


The school has embarked on a Healthy Living initiative of which the “Better Lunchtimes” programme is a fundamental component. The school received it’s ‘Beyond Healthy’ mark from School Health UK on 2nd January 2019 for all the work conducted over the last 12-15 months. Whilst major improvements have been made to the organisation of lunchtime with family tables and menu changes, a massive element is still missing, the improvement of the dining environment i.e. the canteen itself.



Our canteen is a Horsa Hut built in the late 1940’s. It was designed as a temporary building to cope with the additional capacity from raising the school age and is therefore a basic concrete prefab structure with no internal insulation. It suffers from cold bridging and excessive condensation so that the interior décor is deteriorating due to paint blistering. The canteen cannot maintain heat so that it is often bitterly cold particularly in winter. With all the hard surfaces, the acoustics are very poor so that both pupils and staff often have to shout to make themselves heard. For some pupils particularly the younger ones, this noisy, cold and visually unattractive environment can make lunchtimes very stressful indeed and in some instances requiring ear defenders to be worn.



To remedy these issues, the school would like to completely refurbish the interior of the canteen over the Summer Break 2019 to create a cosy eating environment. This will involve the installation of wall insulation, a new anti-slip floor, new blinds and the hanging of sound absorbing clouds from the ceiling. We will repaint the walls and add new wall decorations to promote the Healthy Living message.


Campaign for a Cosy Canteen

Working with contractors, we have calculated that the cost of refurbishment will come to £35,000. Our school budget has become ever increasingly tight and Hertfordshire County Council can only fund structural or external capital improvements.


Therefore the school, the governing body and the PTA have formulated a fund raising strategy “Campaign for a Cosy Canteen” in which we hope to involve current & former parents, local business and the grant making community.



One-off Donation

To kick-off our “Campaign for a Cosy Canteen”, we are asking all current parents if they would like to make a one–off donation.

We will be very grateful for any amount that you chose to donate and you will receive a Thank You letter from our pupil School Council. All donors will also receive a Thank You mention in our Summer Newsletter to parents.


However for the following donated amounts we are offering:


BRONZE LEVEL - £50 - £99.99 - a bronze wall plaque engraved with your name/family’s name.

SILVER LEVEL - £100.00 – £199.99 - a silver wall plaque engraved with your name/family’s name.

GOLD LEVEL - £200.00 plus - a gold wall plaque engraved with your name/family’s name plus a simple hand drawn picture by your child.

These commemorative laminate plaques are brick sized 8” x 3” and will be prominently displayed on the outside canteen wall with an accompanying explanatory plaque. They come with a 15 year guarantee.

GOLD and SILVER donors will also be named on a dedicated page of our website in relation to the refurbishment project.

GOLD & SILVER donors will be invited to an official opening ceremony at which the press and local dignitaries are also expected to attend.

You could choose to donate as a group in order to get a plaque. Please indicate this on the reply slip.

You can also choose to remain anonymous.

How to Donate

If you would like to donate, can you complete the attached reply slip. Please remember Gift Aid. Donations can be made the following ways:


- by direct bank transfer to FFB Cosy Canteen: sort code 20-36-98: Account no 83965589

-via a Virgin Giving page - see link at top of page.

- Donations will also be accepted in cash or by cheques payable to The Friends of Fawbert & Barnard Infants School by the School Office.


This is just the start of our exciting campaign! We are hoping to reach out to as many former parents and pupils as we can so please feel free to spread the word! Letters will also be going out to the local business community but if you think that the company you work for might be interested in making a corporate donation, please come and see Mrs Argent in the School Office. 


With many thanks,


Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans,

Chair on behalf of the Governing body
For corporate donations, we are offering a different package.  Please see below