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Class Weekly news is posted on this page and remains for the term.


 A copy of each newsletter, along with any relevant task resources will be sent out to all Nursery parents / carers every Friday. 


If you need a copy of any historic news, please speak to the class teacher. 

Our new topic is 'Can we explore it?' Here is some parent/carer information about this topic:

We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ve got to go through it! Can we explore it? Where can we hide? It’s time to discover and explore holes, hiding spaces and great adventures in faraway places.

This half term, we’ll explore the exciting features of a local place of interest, taking in the sights and smells and collecting interesting items along the way. We’ll find out about what to say and do if we get lost, share photos of places we’ve already explored and practise a spot of map reading. Then it’s time to pack our bags for an adventure! What will we need? Ready and prepared, we’ll explore a range of hideaways, play Hide-and-Seek, dig holes and tunnels and guess what’s inside mysterious boxes. In our literacy lessons, we’ll read adventure stories and dig for ‘golden coins’, reading out the phonemes on each coin’s surface. In our maths lessons, we’ll sort tubes of different lengths and widths, and we’ll go on a ‘number walk’, hunting for numbers on doors, signs and vehicles. Then, we’ll go on a bear hunt, working together to navigate a series of obstacles, draw a map and, of course, to find teddy!

At the end of the project, we’ll come to school dressed as explorers. Getting in role, we’ll talk about our favourite places, sing songs about exploring and toast some marshmallows on a campfire.


Help your child prepare for their project
Don’t be boring. Go exploring! Why not head out into the great outdoors together? Where is there to hide, dig or discover in your garden or at the local park? Don’t forget your wellies! Once back inside, you could also build a den together out of cardboard boxes, blankets, chairs and pillows. What will you call it? Alternatively, set out a treasure hunt for each other. Leave little clues along the way to lead the treasure-seeker to the next destination. A small pile of cornflakes might mean check the cereal boxes and one trainer might mean check the other trainer. Lots of fun!


Memorable experienceExploring
Innovate challengeBear hunt!
CLDListening and attention; Understanding; Speaking
PDMoving and handling; Health and self-care
PSEDSelf-confidence and self-awareness; Making relationships
EnglishReading; Writing
MathsNumbers; Shape, space and measures
WorldThe world; Technology
Exp A&DExploring and using media and materials; Being imaginative