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Cooking club

Cooking Club began with Mrs Potma in January 2018.  It takes place on Tuesday between 3 and 4pm.   From Autumn 2018 it will continue with Miss Westphal. The planned sessions are as follows:-

Session plan:
  1. Breakfast - fruity cereal
  2. Breakfast - fruit smoothies
  3. Breakfast - fruit bars
  4. Lunch - rainbow salad
  5. Lunch - easy peasy pasta salad
  6. Lunch - leek and potato soup
  7. Dinner - brilliant bean burgers
  8. Dinner - stir fry noodles
  9. Dinner - funny face pizzas
  10. Dinner - kebabs

studying cooking instructions for our fruity cereal

Each Year a cooking workshop takes place in school for the Year 1 children as part of their topic.  The children learn about cooking and how to make treats that are healthy to support a balanced diet.  Here they are learning to make flapjacks.

Cooking workshop for Year 1