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The ‘Stop Means Stop’ Campaign, is aimed at reminding drivers of their duty to stop for school crossing patrols. The campaign will being running from the  9 October 2017 up until half-term. Herts patrols will be wearing a high viz bib over their uniform and Hertfordshire Highways will being putting messages on the roadside visual display boards to promote the safety messages.


School Crossing Patrols are not  located  outside all schools but it is crucial to raise awareness to all drivers and especially drivers that may travel close to schools, of the importance of stopping when asked to do so by a patrol, and in general for school children on their journey to school.   


A common misconception is that the School Crossing Patrol Service is only there to cross children. By law, patrols cross any pedestrian that wishes to cross and have the same legal authority to stop traffic, at their designated sites, as the police. Failure to stop can result in a minimum of three points on an individual’s licence and/or a fine of up to £1,000.