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Welcome to Nursery 2017

We are North America - nursery am

and South America - nursery pm

Why do you love me so much?

What is special about me?  How do we show that we care?  We will be exploring these questions in our topic all about love.

Here is some of our work....

We will be talking and discussing this topic between now and half term.  What is special about me? How do we show that we care?   We will do lots of fun and exciting activities to show how we care for each other.  We will invite our parents in at the end of our topic to celebrate our learning.

Why do leaves go crispy?

Why do leaves go crispy?  What's inside a conker? We are going to explore what happens in Autumn in our exciting topic about this colourful season.

We took a trip to the woods to see what was happening to the trees and the leaves

We have had so much fun exploring our autumn topic

Where does snow go?

We will be exploring why snow melts? Why do icicles hang down?  We are looking at cold weather, snow, ice, melting and freezing and the seasonal changes.

catching snowflakes

Where does snow go?

Are eggs alive?

Are eggs alive?  What are buds? We will be exploring these questions and more in this project about the things that happen in the world around us in the season of spring.

Are eggs alive?

We found out that some eggs are very much alive...

How many colours in a rainbow?

How many colours in a rainbow?  What happens when you mix red and blue?  We will explore these questions and more in our topic on colours.

We had an Artventurers workshop. It was amazing to explore so many different forms of art and mixing colours.

We have created some amazing rainbow artwork

What is a Shadow?

What is a shadow?  Do you like the dark?  We will explore these questions and many more in our topic all about shadows.

We had a Shadow Puppet Theatre come to school so help us understand all about shadows...

We have enjoyed exploring this topic