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Easter activity challenge sheet

Weekly remote learning task w/c 30th March 2020


Maths – representing numbers


· Write some numbers up to 5 or 9 (depending where your child is at) on a big piece of paper. You can decorate them and use different colour pencils, just write them big and clear. If your child is able to, they could write them with your support. 

· Then, use these numbers to play the following game: Show your child a number for them to identify and then use toys and objects to collect that amount. Then, count them together aloud making sure you are counting one at a time.

· Don´t put the objects away after each number; when you have done a few, compare the groups of toys. Here are a few expressions to guide you through the activity “look at number 2 there are only 2 toys”, “2 is a small number”. “Now look at 9! Wow! There are a lot of them! 9 is a big number”.

· When showing the numeral to your child, for example, 5, don´t say “five” yourself, wait for your child to identify the number first, then initiate the counting and collecting toys process by themselves.

· Please adapt this activity to your child´s level, we want to challenge the children but also obtain success!

· You can play “teddy numbers” on to reinforce the concept of number and quantity and counting one to one correspondence.


We look forward to seeing the observations you complete on 2build a profile. 

Nursery topics 2019/2020

Welcome to Nursery.  We will upload on here throughout the year information and photos relating to our topic and learning journey as we travel along our Nursery experience.

Our first topic for Autumn 1 is 'Why do you love me so much?'

What is special about me? How do we show that we care? We will explore these questions and more in our project about love, families and how people are the same and different.

The Year 2 children came to welcome us to school and read and play with us. They made us very welcome

We have pictures of our family and we talk about them with our friends

Our new topic is 'Why do leaves go crispy?'

Why do leaves go crispy? What's inside a conker?  We will explore these questions and others in our autumn topic

We took a trip to Bedfords Park and talked with the Ranger about why leaves change colours. We also played and made patterns and met some very big Deer.

We have been making our own autumn pictures

Our new topic in January is 'Where does snow go?'

We will be exploring why snow melts? Why do icicles hang down?  We are looking at cold weather, snow, ice, melting and freezing and the seasonal changes.