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Governor News

Governors across the year communicate with staff, pupils and families either in person, through emails or the school newsletters. Each year an overview of the year is celebrated in a newsletter directly from them. Please click the below links to read the current and previous version. 

Each term, a member of the governing body will tell you about what they have done so far this year. You can find more information about the governing board here.



How long have you been a governor?

Zoe Callan

Chair of Governors

4 years

When were you last in the school and what were you doing?

Wednesday 18th October.

I was checking the ‘Single Central Record’ with Mrs Curtis. This is a record of all the checks that the school has done on its staff, contractors, and volunteers. It is a huge document and a statutory requirement for all schools to keep up to date.

What did you learn during your visit?

The records are kept in excellent order. The office has photos of contractors expected at the school and all references for volunteers are checked and verified.

What challenges do you see for the future?

We will be making sure all governors are also trained on the statutory requirements for this document and how to perform checks on whether the document meets the correct criteria.

When is your next visit to the school?

Wednesday 8th November.

I am meeting Mrs Brooker to talk through the English curriculum and look at results for the first half term.