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Governor News

Governors communicate with staff, pupils and families in person, through emails or school newsletters. Each year an overview of the year is celebrated in a newsletter directly from them. Please click the links below to read the current and previous versions. 

Each term, a governing body member will tell you about what they have done so far this year. You can find more information about the governing board here.





How long have you been a governor? 

Megan Sutton  

Parent Governor 

2 years 

When were you last in the school and what were you doing? 

I was in during the Ofsted inspection with the rest of the governors. We met with the inspectors to talk about our role in the school and to talk about our observations during visits.  

What did you learn during your visit? 

I learnt two things. I was reminded of how dedicated teachers and staff are. An Ofsted inspection is not an easy thing to go through, but everyone was amazing and calm, at least on the outside. I was also reminded how passionate the governor's group are! We all talked so much because we had so much we wanted to tell them about all the brilliant things the school does and how they handle the great and the challenges to make sure children and parents get the best opportunities. 

What challenges do you see for the future?  

Finding ways to keep excelling, but I know everyone in the school works every day to do that. 

When is your next visit to the school? 

In the next couple of weeks, to explore computing and design across the school