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Mission, Values & Aims


To provide an exciting, ambitious and unique early education for all 



Accepting yourself and others for who they are


 A desire to achieve your best


To keep going in spite of obstacles

We respect our pupils as individuals and along with our school community share high ambitions for them. Developing their perseverance so that in spite of future obstacles they can continue to be their best self and develop their love of learning.
Strategic Aims:
  • Provide a first-class education for our children through a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all individual children and prepares them for life beyond school.
  • Promote a culture which values everyone’s contribution; promotes individual development and growth and is underpinned by high standards, high expectations and mutual respect.
  • To provide our school with a wide collaborative network opportunities which builds on and shares best practice.
  • To operate with transparency and clarity, maximising resources to meet the needs of the school and demonstrates value for money.
  • To grow the school’s opportunities by looking forward to the future, developing partnerships, improving long-term sustainability and outcomes for learners
Our aims Explained:

For the children:

  • To help each child enjoy their formative Early Years; building relationships based on care, trust and respect
  • To recognise that all children are unique individuals who are developing intellectual, social, creative and physical abilities.
  • To develop an open and engaged approach to learning and an understanding that we are each individual with our own strengths, and we can all improve upon our skills
  • To provide strategies that enable children to grow in independence, self-confidence and resilience
  • To give each child the opportunity to develop their ability in all areas of the curriculum, providing a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, which is flexible to meet all learning needs.
  • To provide an approach to learning based on first-hand experiences which extend natural curiosity and reinforce the enjoyment of learning.
  • To encourage children to understand, adopt and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • To encourage children to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural values enabling them to become responsible and tolerant citizens who have a caring and sensitive attitude to others.
  • To encourage children to become active participants within their own and school community and begin to develop an awareness and appreciation of the wider world.
  • To recognise and appreciate their own achievements and those of others.     

For the parents

  • To encourage effective communication between home and school; ensuring that all parents feel welcome, valued and informed.
  • To work in partnership with families to enhance and encourage children’s learning, recognising their ongoing contribution.

For the adults working in the school:

  • To implement new initiatives that will enhance the children’s learning.
  • To provide a supportive environment in which staff can develop both personally and professionally.
  • To work as a team sharing aims, values, strengths and skills that ensure a consistent approach to learning.

For the school community:

  • To maintain a well-organised community with high expectations of behaviour and achievement.
  • To maintain and further develop links with local school, especially with, Reedings Junior School and the wider community.