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School Council

At Fawbert and Barnard Infants' School we encourage our children to play a full role in the life of the school, developing positive relationships and taking an active role in making our school and community a better place.

F&B School Council is run and led by the children, supported by Mrs Brooker. The school council is made up from two children from each year group who have been chosen by their peers to represent their views and make decisions on a variety of issues.

Children from Year 1 and 2 are represented on the Council with the older Key Stage 2 children, from Reedings supporting and working with us to work on bigger projects. Everyone is across the year able to take a lead and be responsible for supporting and guiding the school development.

The Council meets regularly to discuss issued raised in class and to make decisions on a wide range of issues such as choosing which charities to support, interviewing prospective employees or giving their input about the school in general. It is a great responsibility and members of the School Council lead by example..

We use our school voting system to ensure we all develop a value of democracy. This can be seen in the school Office by all visitors and parents. We have a question of the half-term to which the school council wishes to seek and understand the views of the pupils. 

Latest News:

On Wednesday 10th May 2023 the School Council had the amazing opportunity to attend an exciting local trip. David Wilson Homes are gifting our Fawbert and Barnard with a bug hotel for our conservation area. They have also invited us to their site at Sawbridge Park (West road) to present us with the gift and to bury some items in a time capsule that represent the ‘now’.The classes have come up with some ideas of the items they would like to include (e.g. a reading book, a photo etc.) which we will be taking from school.  These items will be then dug up in 50 years time!