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Severe Weather

Severe Weather - Emergency School Procedures


In the event of snow we intend to keep the school open and function as close to normal as possible, although this may be with a reduced staff and classes may be mixed. If not enough staff are able to reach the school to run classes, then school will be closed.

If it is necessary to close the whole school (e.g. threat to the school or community’s health and safety, loss of power / water / dangerous access), then we will endeavour to follow the procedures below:

  • A message will be displayed on the Home page of the school website,
  • A message will be sent via email.
  • An Arbor In App Message will be sent to all parents whose details we hold.

It is very important that you refresh your web browser to get any new updates on the school home page otherwise your computer defaults to the last time your page was updated.

In order to keep the school open with a reduced staff it may be necessary to close the Nursery and redeploy staff elsewhere in the school. Should this be the case then parents of Nursery children will be notified via the procedures above.

The back pathway gates

Mr Luxford, our caretaker, will do a check of the pathway to see how icy it is.  If necessary only the top gate will be open along the pathway into the playground as well as the front gate on the Forebury side.  Mr Luxford will endeavour to clear snow from the path leading to the back gate. However, in the event of heavy snow this may not be possible, so if the gate is locked, please use the front entrance.


If there is snow please send your child to school in suitable footwear i.e. Wellington boots or equivalent and the children should bring shoes and spare socks in a bag to change into once inside their classrooms.