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Year 2

Towers Tunnels and Turrets


Climbing the battlements or tunnelling in the ground, there’s a whole world of adventure and fun to be found!

This term, we will visit a real castle to explore the towers, battlements and maybe a secret tunnel or two!

Towers, tunnels and turrets

Beat, Band, Boogie

Boom, boom, boom! Here comes the marching band. This sound is loud! This one is quiet..... sssshh, listen up!  What can you hear?  What's making each one? We will explore these and other questions in our music topic this term.

We have been writing instructions and following them to make our own instruments

Street Detectives

We are going to be Street Detectives.  We are going to explore our local environment. We have invited the Mayor to come with us.  We are going to explore our streets and find out how they have changed over the years.

We've been out and about. We have explored Sawbridgeworth and buildings from long ago and today. We have been in shops and talked to shopkeepers. We've even been to the Mayor's office.